test01TLS-O-Matic use our own certificate authority – not any commercial certificates. This is just for testing. You can read more about our certificate and how to install it here. In this test, we’ll use the CA that is based on a RSA key pair – one private key and one public key. The public key is embedded in the certificate.

Test before and after installation of the certificate

Before you install it, use your web browsers and other clients to access this URL and check how they react. They should be very upset, since the server tries to identify with an certificate from an unknown authority. This is very much like someone that tries to identify itself with an impressive paper with cool stamps and a photograph that is clearly 20 years old and text in a language you do not understand. You may see it’s an identity card or a driver’s license for donkeys – but you will never ever trust it.


In order to continue with the tests, you need to install the CA certificate and go back to the same URL and make sure that your application does not complain at all, that your system now trusts our certificates as much as any other certificate.


First fail, then success (after you install our certificate)

Should fail tls-o-matic-success