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Testing Elliptic Curve Cryptography – does your client support it?

Elliptic Curve Cryptography is the new black in the world of TLS. For the elite that works with crypto on a daily basis. it’s already pretty old, but for normal system administrators and developers is a new thing. We’ve added a new CA and three new tests for this cool technology! The race for bigger […]

TLS and the old SSL

TLS, Transport Layer Security, is the IETF standard for secure network sessions with authentication, integrity and confidentiality. TLS runs on top of TCP, Transmission Control Protocol. The sister protocol DTLS is created for UDP transports. What about SSL? SSL, Secure Socket Layer, was created by Netscape Communications a long time ago. SSL v3 was published […]

Test 15 :: Server Name Indication

Web sites has for a long time shared IPv4 addresses. On one single IPv4 address, one can run many sites. It wasn’t always so – it was only when a “Host:” header was added to HTTP the server could decide which web site to serve for a given request. For TLS this did not work. […]

Learn more about TLS – Transport Layer Security

TLS – Transport Layer Security – is a communication method (a protocol)┬ádefined by the group that standardises Internet communication- the IETF, Internet Engineering Task Force. TLS provides confidentiality and integrity. It is also used for secure identification (authentication) of systems and individuals. TLS needs to stay up to date with the current world of communication […]

Welcome to TLS-o-matic!

We want #MoreCrypto on the net. We want developers to add dTLS and TLS to their applications. But it’s not easy. When testing, it’s a quick thing to test the success case – but setting up tests for failure cases is not easy. It is really, really important to check these and see how your […]