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Testing Elliptic Curve Cryptography – does your client support it?

Elliptic Curve Cryptography is the new black in the world of TLS. For the elite that works with crypto on a daily basis. it’s already pretty old, but for normal system administrators and developers is a new thing. We’ve added a new CA and three new tests for this cool technology! The race for bigger […]

Test #32 :: The full elliptic monty – CA and CERT using Elliptic Curves

This server and CA both use elliptic curve technology. Non-hybrid, pure elliptic curve. According to crypto marketing, this is the future of public key cryptography. It is thus important that new applications support it. For this test, you need our Elliptic Curve CA certificate. Marketing says that this is good for cell phones and small […]

Test #31 :: Hybrid certificate (RSA CA, EC client)

This test is similar to test 30 but in this case it’s the opposite. This is the grand old untrustworthy TLS-O-MATIC CA with the old RSA keys, but a new client that use modern cool elliptic curve technology. The curve used in this certificate is named secp256r1 and is a commonly supported curve.   This test should […]

Test #30 :: Introducing Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Elliptic curve cryptography is the new black in the TLS world. It’s an alternative to the rather old RSA crypto system that is common in the web today. In this test, we are adding a new certificate authority that is based on EC keys. There are many different curves offered, so the client and server […]

The TLS-O-MATIC Elliptic Curve Certificate Authority

The Elliptic Curve CA is one of our CAs in TLS-O-MATIC. The regular CA is based on RSA keys, this one is based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. In order to install it you need to download the CA certificate and install it on your test system.  The certificate is in PEM format, which is accepted by most […]