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Test #5 :: Certificate from the future

Certificates are only valid for a specified time period. The more you use a key pair and a certificate, the easier it becomes for someone to be able to figure it out. Short lived keys are better. Because site administrators feel that it’s a hassle to update, request and install certificates and keys, the market […]

Test #1 :: Setting things up, unknown certificate authority

TLS-O-Matic use our own certificate authority – not any commercial certificates. This is just for testing. You can read more about our certificate and how to install it here. In this test, we’ll use the CA that is based on a RSA key pair – one private key and one public key. The public key is embedded […]

The TLS-O-Matic no guarantee CA

CA Policy and Practise Statement WARNING – these certificates are totally insecure and are for test purposes only. All the tests are created to facilitate interoperability and application testing, but this is not a CA to trust for anything else than testing. We guarantee nothing. We promise nothing. Basically you are on your own. Make sure you remove the […]