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Using TLS-O-MATIC.COM in training

I woke up and got this tweet that made my day! Thank you, Alan. /Olle   I’m having fun showing my #WebRTC students certificate errors using @oej‘s TLS-O-Matic! https://t.co/5dUPRH4ntG It is an excellent tool! — Alan B. Johnston (@alanbjohnston) April 13, 2015

Testing Elliptic Curve Cryptography – does your client support it?

Elliptic Curve Cryptography is the new black in the world of TLS. For the elite that works with crypto on a daily basis. it’s already pretty old, but for normal system administrators and developers is a new thing. We’ve added a new CA and three new tests for this cool technology! The race for bigger […]

The TLS-O-MATIC Elliptic Curve Certificate Authority

The Elliptic Curve CA is one of our CAs in TLS-O-MATIC. The regular CA is based on RSA keys, this one is based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. In order to install it you need to download the CA certificate and install it on your test system.  The certificate is in PEM format, which is accepted by most […]

Grade A TLS according to SSLLABS.COM

We have now enabled TLS on our web site and made sure to configure it properly. We can still fine tune a bit, but we’re happy that the Qualys SSL Labs test tool rated our server A in the tests. We have disabled all versions of SSL in our server, thus only supporting TLS. We […]

Welcome to TLS-O-MATIC – self testing for web and application developers

This is a site you use to test clients – mobile apps, browsers, and many other applications that use  HTTP applications and TLS – the Transport Layer Security protocol. We have designed a lot of tests that checks if your browser or client application really checks the identity of the server it’s trying to connect […]

About TLS-o-matic.com

TLS-o-matic started as a series of SIP – IP telephony – protocol tests at the SIPit test events. After a while, the idea of making these available for application developers using HTTP grew and we started creating a series of tests for web browsers, applications both on mobile and ordinary computers as well as the Curl and libCURL users. What can […]

Welcome to TLS-o-matic!

We want #MoreCrypto on the net. We want developers to add dTLS and TLS to their applications. But it’s not easy. When testing, it’s a quick thing to test the success case – but setting up tests for failure cases is not easy. It is really, really important to check these and see how your […]