Self-tests for TLS

This is a site you use to test clients – mobile apps, browsers, and many other applications that use  HTTP applications and TLS – the Transport Layer Security protocol. We have designed a lot of tests that checks if your browser or client application really checks the identity of the server it’s trying to connect to. It is important that developers understand how TLS works and how site verification works.

  • For a quick start, head to the first test.
  • To learn more about our no-gurantee CA, certification authority, click here.
  • If you want to learn more about TLS first, check our presentation on slideshare. We also have a page describing Opportunistic Security as specified in the IETF RFC 7435.
  • When you are ready to include this tests in your application test plattform, you can grab all our scripts and build files on Github. It’s open source and available for review. If you have ideas and want to contribute, send us a bug report, pull request or e-mail.
  • The about page tells you more about the company and people behind this site. There is also a donation button if you want to support our work with a cup of tea or a nice cookie.
  • To get news, follow us on Twitter as @tlsomatic